photo by stansill

I'm a 25 year old jersey girl with a BA in studio art from Wellesley and a "Creative Director" position at a small dot-com specializing in user experience design. I have aspirations on going back to school to persue higher education and one day become a photography professor, but right now that goal is on hold while I try to get some 'real world' experience under my belt and figure out what it is that's important enough for me to photograph nowdays.

In college my senior thesis focused on how family photographs and albums shape both collective and private identities through the creation of memory. It was executed solely on black and white film, mainly Kodak 3200. It was an important body of work, one that culminated in an exhibition of over 4 years of photography, as well as featured some of my father's work from when he was young. Since then, however, I've been creatively adrift.

Part of this blog's purpose is not only to force me to try to produce actively during this dormant period, but also to chart my love/hate relationship with my new digital camera and the world of color photography.